ATM withdrawal

In order to withdraw PLN directly from ATM go to the “Withdraw PLN” and pick “Fast withdrawal from an ATM in a few minutes”.
After that provide amount which you want to withdraw (minus provision), it needs to be a multiplicity of number 50. The maximum amount of the single withdrawal is set to 2000 PLN.
There is a daily limit per number of the phone which is equal to 10,500 PLN and monthly set to 21,000 PLN (from the moment of the first withdrawal).
Service is only available for verified users. Text code required for withdrawals can only be send to polish phone numbers and is valid for 48 hours.
The owner of the number must ensure that receiving of “premium texts/SMS” has been turned on.
Receiving text message is free, though.
During 30 minutes from requesting of withdrawal you should receive a text with the code and an e-mail with the PIN code – both codes are required to finish the withdrawal.
1. On the ATM screen pick ‘Withdrawal without card’.
2. Next pick “SkyCash” and “Cash withdrawal”.
3. Enter the data which you have received: 6 digits code from text message and the amount of withdrawal.
4. Enter PIN code from the e-mail which you have received.
5. Collect the cash and the confirmation of withdrawal from ATM.
If you are not able to withdraw cash from ATM kindly send us an e-mail to [email protected]
Funds from unfinished withdrawals will be returned automatically to your BitMarket balance account during next 5 working days.
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