You can use our exchange through the API. To generate API keys, log in to your account, then go to the Account -> Overview tab and select API access or just click here

API on Bitmarket is kind of intermediary between your account and external programs, such as those that allow trading (including our BitMarket Trader) application or typical bots trading without you being constantly involved in trading personally.

You can select specific permissions to the API keys in order be sure that if an untrusted application (bot) gains access to your API keys (or the virus on your computer) you will not lose your funds. To add an API key to our official application, generate a key and then scan the QR code by selecting the option “Keys -> Scan” in the mobile application.

You can find information about the public API here.

You can find information about the transactional API here. Transaction API enables placing and cancelling orders on the exchange, checking the balance of the account and the history of operations.

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