Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin is a very dangerous idea

Andreas Antonopoulos returned to the top of the bitcoin portals. He still travels around the world and gives more lectures. He now described Bitcoin as a “very dangerous idea” that can not be stopped.

Antonopoulos – though he rejects anarchism – believes that BTC is a pain for power. He recalled some research developed by an independent organization. It examined the global index of freedom, which covers the results of individual countries in terms of respecting civil liberties. The second element of the study was the approach of these countries to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The results were perhaps not shocking, but they confirmed what many market observers already said. Bitcoin is respected where the ideas of freedom and citizenship are respected. Thus, the main cryptocurrency slowly becomes a symbol of freedom. Bitcoin “forces them [governments] to show their true face.”

The mirror will tell you the truth

Andres describes it more vividly:

“When we are dealing with an idea that has a lot of power and potential to trigger, it works like a mirror that faces the government and sees its reflection in it. What type of government system do we deal with? And here we have a test for litmus paper. ”

Antonopoulos is also not optimistic about governments and how they will deal with such a spectacular and new phenomenon as Bitcoin. Despite the positive signals that politicians in some countries are sending towards Bitcoin and Blockchain, they still fear that advocates of digital currencies will be labeled as criminals and participants in the shadow economy. As an example, he sets up a program on blockchain currencies prepared by Netflix. Hollywood makes the sensational production of “Crypto,” in which the cryptocurrency motif also appears in the context of money laundering.

Andreas fears that politicians will also go in this direction. They will simplify the topic using propaganda and mass media. According to the BTC evangelist, cryptocurrencies are just a tool. And just like a knife, only human actions give them meaning.

“They will try to stop it – and they will not succeed. They will try to demonize it – and they will not succeed, “Andreas says. He still believes in people and believes that they will look at themselves and face the digital currencies. This is apparently seen in Venezuela.

Potential for triggering

Bitcoin has “potential to trigger”. The same, however, does not cause that his friends will be politicians from countries where crypto-currencies are well received today. Andreas believes that the digital currency community is in for a fight for the ideas that Blockchain brings with it and its fruits.

Will his visions work and are they no longer exaggerated today? Observing the current cryptocurrency market, one can come to the conclusion that, after all, many politicians, economists or technology specialists are positive about Blockchain and currencies based on it. So maybe we do not have to face a long and hard fight for full adaptation of Bitcoin and its derivatives.

In the history of mankind, one can notice a certain trend of adopting interesting inventions, having a pedigree in the private market, which later were accepted or even taken under the wings of governments. Although the latter is contrary to the very idea of ​​BTC, it should be taken into account that the current financial system is not fully efficient. This fact is probably seen by the more progressive political leaders. Perhaps, then, we are standing at the threshold of a new era in the history of economics? It is to be hoped that we will enter this new potential stage by peaceful means …

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