Analysts: cryptocurrencies will earn investors for a few months

Many wonder what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are waiting for in 2019. And still no one can clearly and unambiguously answer this question.

Mike Novogratz and Charles Lee – both bullishly minded by 2018 – fell silent. However, other experts want to take their place.

History repeats itself?

The cryptocurrency analyst with the pseudonym Galaxy believes that you should carefully analyze the hitherto stock exchange history of bitcoins and believes that in the period from 10 to 12 months will start the bull market. He emphasizes that “if history repeats itself, we are approaching [now] a [period of] several months of accumulation and a new cycle of growth that will begin at the end of 2019.”

Such a scenario would be almost identical to the pattern of the previous bubble, when in turn we had: 2013 and the bubble; 2014 – decreases; 2015 – boredom and “oyster mushroom”. At the end of 2015, the rates began to grow slowly, so that the years 2016-2017 were already under the sign of hurray-optimism and bull market.

History repeats itself? Remember that sometimes he does it in an ironic way …

Brexit will help?

A question that nobody can give a simple answer is how cryptocurrencies will behave in the era of the cold economic war, which is slowly starting to unfold on the US-China line. How will they react to possible Brexit? On the one hand, during the “Cypriot crisis” in 2013, bitcoin gained a lot. On the other hand, at the end of 2018, he repeated with some delay the falls on Wall Street. Is searching for a correlation between block currency exchange rates and traditional stock exchange or political events not a dead end?

Natural turn of things?

Scott Galloway, a professor at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), looks even different. He, in turn, enters the development of cryptocurrencies into the general trend of expansion of new technologies. This last phenomenon was however stopped in 2018 and it also concerned artificial intelligence, 3D printers or VR. The scientist emphasizes that this is the fate of new solutions in the markets:

“VR and crofts go from bad to worse, AI can not live up to the hype.” 3D printing rises from the ashes. ”

So it remains to wait and observe the development of the market …

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