The Americans want crypto currency in the election campaign

A new survey conducted by the research firm Clovr has shown that 60% of American respondents believe that cryptocurrencies should be treated equally with fiat currency in political elections.

As part of his research, Clovr examined 1023 eligible voters registered in the US to find out what impact cryptocurrency could have on the political process. According to the survey, nearly 60 percent of respondents said that digital currencies and US dollars should be treated the same in the election campaign, while only 21 percent of respondents said it should be the opposite:

“60 percent of those entitled to vote believed that it would be legal to transfer cryptocurrencies [to the election committee] in federal elections on the same terms that apply to donations in US dollars.”

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63 percent of voters referring to Republicans assumed that cryptocurrencies were sufficiently secure to be used for political purposes, and 52 percent of Democrats suggested the same. Regarding the independent voters (undeclared on either side), only 45 percent were of the same opinion.

73 percent of respondents who knew about digital currencies believed that security was not a problem for political donations, and 23 percent expressed concern about this issue.

52 percent Republican states that cryptocurrencies are stable enough to meet their requirements regarding the electoral process, while Democrats and independent respondents respond positively at a level of 40 and 35 percent respectively.

According to a survey, 25 percent of the survey participants said they would be more likely to contribute to political campaigns if digital donations were possible. Over 20 percent of Republicans have expressed a desire to contribute larger sums if cryptocurrencies were a possible option. 16 percent of Democrats and 12 percent of independent voters said similarly.

The question remains whether the cryptocurrencies in political campaigns will not increase foreign interference in their course. 60% responded affirmatively, with the Democrats showing greater concern than other groups.

According to the survey, 62 percent of respondents believe that such donations can be used illegally in the US political system. In this regard, all three groups showed similar results, with 64% of independent, 62% of Republicans and 61% of Democrats responding affirmatively.

Last year, the election campaign campaign group also published a report entitled ‘Public attitudes and campaign financing’, devoted to the role of money in the political system. According to the report, public opinion is “miserably” misleading about the campaign financing act, revealing that only four percent of Americans knew that corporations could not directly contribute to the presidential and congressional campaigns.

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