America sells its bitcoins

The US federal agency sells its bitcoins. Their value is almost $ 4.3 million. The auction concerns about 660 bitcoins that have been obtained by the services as a result of various federal issues. It’s mainly about criminal, civil and administrative matters.

The auction is scheduled for November 5. Taking part in it depends on depositing 200,000 USD. The second condition is the registration of the identity of the bidder at the agency, however not later than by October 31.

Let’s bid!

The auction itself has two parts. Six blocks of 100 bitcoins and one block with 60 bitcoins are available for purchase. When the bidders already submit their offer, they will not be able to see other offers of their competitors or change their own price proposals.

But where do the US authorities have such a number of cryptocurrencies? The agency admits that bitcoins were taken, among others crooks like Theresa Tetley and Thomas Mario Costanzo. This criminal couple was sentenced to jail on charges of money laundering, for which she used digital coins.

Other auctions

This is not the first auction of this type. In 2016, just over 2,700 BTC went to an auction organized by the US government. Cryptocurrencies were previously confiscated by the US authorities as a result of the fight against various cyber criminals.

The most prominent series of auctions on which bitcoins could be bought was the case of bidding on Silk Road property. A large amount of btc was bought by the investor Tim Draper in 2014. In the auctions he bought up to PLN 40 million for USD 24 million. bitcoins.

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