Algory – news system for investors and traders

Algory is the new operator on the market of the largest news system dedicated to investors and traders.

The first product of Algory is Cryptocurrency News Aggregator. The system will enable its users to track all information affecting the price volatility of cryptocurrencies from around the world.

How does it work?

As the creators told us: “Cryptonews filters all information from thematic websites, blogs, companies focused on the cryptocurrency industry, companies focused on the Blockchain technology industry. It also analyzes data from social media, which have a significant impact on volatility in the cryptocurrency market. ”

– Currently, we have the top 1000 of various types of news sources from the world of cryptocurren connected to the system. Speed is important in trading. Our system provides traders with a solution such as “all cryptonews in one place”, thanks to which they will no longer have to browse dozens of other websites or tools. And soon our next product will appear on the market, Cryptoscanner – said Tomasz Przybycień, Co-founder Algory.

Eden for crypto-investors

Platform’s users can create “dedicated work surfaces”. Algory clients also have the chance to segregate news according to their needs, i.e. observed cryptocurrencies or specific news categories. The system gives you the chance to view archived entries as well. Thanks to this, investors will be able to assess which authors were able to accurately predict the course.

Currently, access to the news platform is offered for free. In the future, a premium version will be launched, in which, for a fee, users will get access to the vip function.

– Algory Cryptonews is currently one of the largest and the most extensive websites aggregating news in the world – says Tomasz Przybycień – However, we would like to remind you that this is just the beginning. The further development of our platform is ahead of us, including a very extensive cryptocurrency scanner – Cryptoscanner. Look forward to new information!

Cryptocurrency News Aggregator is available here.

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