Account verification

Account verification is designed to check whether the personal data you provided when you opened your account are true. Providing true data is required to comply with regulations governing financial transactions. Since Bitcoin is an anonymous currency, many accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges are used for money laundering and fraud and to receive funds originating from phishing scams. The account verification process helps to eliminate these fraudulent activities, which makes our exchange safer for honest investors

On our site we use three account verification methods:

1). Basic verification – scanned copies of documents or electronic signature

This is the basic account verification method. In order to deposit PLN/EUR it is necessary to complete it. You will also need to pass this verification if you deposit more than 15,000€ in cryptocurrencies during a period of one year. You can complete this process in one of two ways:

  1. You can send us a scanned copy of your ID document (e.g. ID card, driving licence, passport). If this document does not show your address, we will also require another document confirming your address (e.g. electricity or gas bill).
  2. You can sign a PDF file provided by us using a qualified electronic signature issued by a certification service provider accredited by the National Certification Centre.

After we receive the document, we will check if the personal data match those provided at the time of account registration. If so, the account will be verified i.e will be fully functional and the next step of verification will automatically begin (address verification). This verification method applies to all accounts in our system.

2). Address verification – letter with activation code

This verification method involves sending a letter containing an activation code to your address, which – when you receive it – you should enter in the user panel. This allows us to check whether the address you provided is correct. If you do not finish this step during next 7 days (provide a code from the letter) your account will have limited functionality (you will not be able to withdraw funds).

It might also be required for some accounts on which our system detected untypical operations raising concerns about account usage. In this case we might lock the withdrawals until you complete verification.

3). Bank account verification – payment from a bank account

This verification is required, if you want to use instant electronic payments to add funds to your account (such as mTransfer or Płacę z Inteligo payments). You must verify each bank account you will use to make electronic payments.

Verification involves making a wire transfer for PLN 1.00 from your bank account with a relevant text in the reference information field. After we receive your transfer, the bank account will be verified and you will be able to use electronic payments to add funds. You may verify different bank account therefore this stage of verification is always available.


I have sent a wire to verify my bank account, how long will it take to process it?

Your verification will take up to 5 business days and we will notify you by an e-mail about successful verification.


Why my bank account has not been verified even though I have sent the wire?

If your bank verification wire has not been verified after given amount of time probably our system has rejected it for some reason. We will let you know what was the reason via e-mail.

Some examples are listed below:

  • Personal details on the wire did not match your account information (you must be the owner of the bank account).
  • Deposit had wrong title name.
  • No description of the sender in the wire.
  • Wire sent throgh cash deposit or BlueMedia
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