A New Zealand church associated with OneCoin?

The New Zealand Church is accused of collaborating with the alleged financial pyramid OneCoin.

The Sanskrit Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church (SISDAC) is a cult organization accused of having ties with OneCoin, a presumed pyramid that raised hundreds of millions of dollars around the world, attracting naive investors a promise of huge profits .

A pyramid instead of a cross?

According to the RadioNZ radio station, the OneCoina tentacles also reached the Samoans in New Zealand. The organization has probably used the capabilities of SISDAC and the Samoa Cult Center to “reach a wide network of potential investors”.

One of the women who is the source of the radio, estimated that about 100 members of her congregation had invested in the pyramid. Samoa’s report recently presented a report on the charges presented by the financial intelligence unit in New Zealand and stated that SISDAC leaders consciously participated in the activities money laundering.

The church replies that he “never consciously” participated in any financial pyramid, nor “forced” any person or organization to participate in this type of illegal activity. It seems that SISDAC is looking for legal advice in this matter. On the other hand, the employee of Centrum Kultury Samoa also denied RadioNZ that his organization cooperated with OneCoin and is now investigating the subject in legal terms to bring charges against the Samoan government on defamation. Samoa’s central bank banned any activities related to the promotion of OneCoin in 2018.


One of the founders of the OneCoin program, Konstantin Ignatov, is currently being questioned by US law enforcement agencies. Before the project in Poland, the Polish Bitcoin Association warned.

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